While Hillsborough was established in 1754, the current town plan dates from 1766, when William Churton laid out the checkerboard grid the town's core still reflects. In 1973, most of this original grid, approximately 36 blocks, was included in the Hillsborough National Register Historic District. Over 100 buildings, dating from the latter part of the 18th century through 1939, are considered of historical interest. Twelve are in the National Register individually. The oldest properties reflect Georgian and Federal-style architecture with a wide range of other styles, including Craftsman, represented by later construction.

Since restoration began in earnest in the late 60's, most of the homes of interest have undergone some level of preservation. While these are spread throughout the Historic District, the greatest concentration is within two blocks east and west of Churton Street, Hillsborough's main street. With the town's vibrant restaurant and retail scene mostly on a two-block stretch of Churton, Hillsborough historic home residents enjoy an unusual combination: shops and restaurants an easy walk from a unique home on a substantial lot.

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Due to space limitations on the map, the star for Hillsborough is a little south of its actual location. It should be a little north and west of the intersection of I-85 and NC 86.